Preparing For The Winter Garden : #gardenchat Topic 9/15/2014ue

#gardenchat September 15,2014

Join in the conversation tonight on #gardenchat Twitter to learn what you should be doing to prepare for Winter 2014.

Questions for Tonights Event

During the #gardenchat 1 hour event questions will be asked by @TheGardenChat .  Everyone is welcome to contribute an answer as well as follow along to see what other gardeners are suggestion on the topic of preparing for Winter in the Garden.   Everyone is encouraged to share links to their gardening blogs, instagram or photo albums to add to the conversation and promote what they are growing.

Question 1 Did you lose any plants or suffer any significant damage in your garden last winter? #gardenchat 

Question 2 What did you learn from the damage in your garden 2014 Winter brought? #gardenchat 

Question 3  When  will you begin to cut back your flowers, veggies and or herbs in your garden for the winter? #gardenchat 

Question 4 Are there any shrubs that will have to have extra care before the freezing temperatures and wind arrives? #gardenchat 

Question 5 Do you recommend pruning any trees before the winter arrives? #gardenchat 

Question 6 Vegetables are still producing – what can we do to continue to harvest when expecting cold nights this month? #gardenchat 

Question 7 Is it safe to dig up herbs and bring indoors to continue growing in containers?  (Tips/ How-to) #gardenchat 

Question 8  Can I continue to harvest roses or should I let them develop rose hips? #gardenchat 

Question 9 Compost piles and binds : is there anything I should do to prepare these for winter? #gardenchat 

Question 10 Is it safe to plant new perennials and shrubs this time of year?  #gardenchat 


Not sure how to join in the conversation?  Here is a quick video on how you can participate on #gardenchat tonight.

Topic Tonight on #gardenchat : Seeds

QLGi4nAM   Join in the conversation … be prepared with links to share from your site featuring what you enjoy growing from seeds. Tonights Agenda : Question 1:  Have you ever grown a plant from seed? #gardenchat Question 2:  What was your favorite plant to grow from seed and WHY is it your favorite? #gardenchat Question […] Continue reading →