Attack of the Killer Asparagus Author Mike Nowak Guest Host on #gardenchat

Tonight we welcome Mike Nowak who is the host of Chicago’s only green living, gardening and environment radio show. Mike has a new book out and tonight he is going to share with the #gardenchat participants on Twitter his passion for gardening that he writes about in his new book ‘Attack of the Killer Asparagus – and other lessons not learned in the garden’

Mike Nowak at Chicago Good Food Festival 2014



Tonight’s Agenda on #gardenchat Twitter 9 p.m. ET

Have your Twitter app up and running because it is time to connect with 100′s of gardening social media gurus who love to share their love for gardening on #gardenchat. For the first 15 minutes of the event we love to share where we are gardening and say hello to old ( and new ) friends in the virtual garden.

9:15 pm. ET the questions begin with a new one every 5 minutes. Please be sure to REPLY to @TheGardenChat and use A with correct answer so we can better connect with you.

  • Q1: Please share with us your perfect garden. #gardenchat
  • Q2: What is the first plant you remember growing? #gardenchat
  • Q3: Shade gardening … love it or leave it? #gardenchat
  • Q4: What garden advice would you give a new gardener? #gardenchat
  • Q5 : Did anything you harvested ever change your life? #gardenchat
  • Q6: Why is it important to pick out the ‘right plant’ for my garden zone? #gardenchat
  • Q7: Keeping gardening simple … how do you do it? Is it possible? #gardenchat
  • Q8: What inspired you to write a book about gardening ? #gardenchat @MikeNow
  • Q9 : Who inspired you to write a book? #gardenchat @MikeNow
  • Q10 Last but not least … your thoughts on mulch in the garden: #gardenchat @mikenow

Be sure to check out Mikes website at MikeNowak Show and follow him on Twitter at @MikeNow . 


See you tonight on #gardenchat Twitter ! 

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