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Garden Trends 2013 : Forces of Nature

gardening 2013 trends forces of nature - presented by

Gardening is where it all begins, and #GardenChat is a great way for me to connect with other people who love to garden, grow and green this world :)  The Monday night chats are always a great source of information but it goes by superfast!  The transcripts are saved online, but I wanted to make a bit of a recap that was more comprehensive, for reference throughout the season.  Check in the link below for a summary of tonight’s #GardenChat! “   -  From @OutLawAtHome website 2013

5247938677_f8320b5eea_bPlease visit @OutLawAtHomes Website Post : Garden Trends to check out the rest of this article.

Growing Up – @Outlawathome

wal11 This is a blog post by @Outlawathome that was published on her site 9/12/11 Today’s #gardenchat was hosted by the lovelies @susanlmorrison & @sweetrebecca, authors of the book Garden Up! I’ve been wanting to check out #gardenchat for a while and today’s topic: Vertical Gardening seemed apropriate.  This morning Cassiopeia and I chatted about @LifeOnTheBlcny‘s tutorial for a […] Continue reading →

Soil by @Outlawathome

berger bm6 This is blog post by : Outlaw@Home / 11/07/2011 Tonight’s #gardenchat, hosted by Courtney Tompkins was on the topic of soil health, and I’m so glad to see this topic covered, because as I’ve learned in class again and again and again: Soil is such a key part of growing!  We obviously can’t cover every aspect […] Continue reading →

Container Gardening

IMG_4740 Guest Post by Elena Williams Need a focal point in your garden or on the patio?  Container gardening is a solution that can easily change with the seasons. Just as some people like to move decorations around inside, it is also fun to have potted plants that can be featured when in bloom and moved […] Continue reading →