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#SuperSowSunday : Keeping It Simple and Growing From Seed



Join in the conversation during the time listed above and you may be one of the lucky participant to receive the following :

index 25 qualifying participants will receive one liter bags of Slug Gone 

Slug Gone is pelleted wool that is used as a slug and snail barrier, weed mat, moisture mulch and thermal blanket.

Slug Gone is a new product to the USA.  It has been sold in the UK for a few years now and has been quite popular there.




  • 20% off all seed for #SuperSowSunday from 
  • $50 Park Seed Gift certificate for one qualifying #SuperSowSunday Participant


HOW TO QUALIFY for giveaways listed above:

25 #SuperSowSunday participants will receive the Slug Gone product listed above.  1 #SuperSowSunday participant will receive the $50 Gift Card to be used on .

1. Share a comment on this blog post telling us if you grow from seed for your garden.  Provide your Twitter name if applicable.

2.  Participate on #SuperSowSunday by joining the conversation on Twitter and or #gardenchat Group at #superSowSunday .


Product can only be shipped to USA address and you must provide your shipping information by Midnight February 3, 2014 to @TheGardenChat / Bren Haas.
If you do not provide shipping by date / time listed you forfeit the product.
Let’s share on #SuperSowSunday and get everyone growing a garden in 2014!

Why Sow Seeds

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