Flower Color Theory with Debra Prinzing

Bouquet_2 Debra Prinzing is a Seattle and Los Angeles-based Outdoor Living Expert. As a writer and lecturer, she specializes in interiors, architecture and landscapes. Debra is author of seven books, including Slow Flowers: Four Seasons of Locally Grown Bouquets from the Garden, Meadow and Farm (St. Lynn’s Press, 2013); The 50 Mile Bouquet: Seasonal, Local and […] Continue reading →

What Is Micro-Blogging and Why Use It?

Recently Updated22 Micro-blogging is a combination of quick messaging and blogging that allows social media bloggers to create a short message with impact. Social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr allow these messages to be delivered on mobile devices which allows micro-blogging to provide a quick way to communicate with many people. Continue reading →

Getting Nerdy on #gardenchat October 14

header_nerd On the next #gardenchat Monday Twitter event join Christy Wilhelmi from Gardenerd to discuss the geeky garden tips in her new book, Gardening for Geeks Continue reading →

People Who Use Social to Grow Series on #gardenchat : Paul Zimmerman

Paul ZImmerman During the Autumn months #gardenchat is doing a special series focusing on gardeners who use social media to grow gardens. In today’s post we’d like to introduce you to Paul Zimmerman. Continue reading →

Crimes Against Horticulture Starring @gardenwiseguy

Billy Goodnick We are enjoying garden designer Billy Goodnicks’ new series on landscape design and we think you will agree after watching this episode on Youtube. Continue reading →

NEW This Autumn – Social Media Minute

Recently Updated22 Do you have questions about Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and the many different Blogging platforms there are out there today.  Starting with this blog post #gardenchat ‘s own Bren Haas will be share with you a Social Media Minute. This week we start off this new series sharing a quick tip explaining what is a hashtag. […] Continue reading →