Garden Chatter #6: Conifers

Gold Ghost Episode 6 of Garden Chatter was an evergreen discussion on conifers with Bill Blevins and Ronald Elardo. Great tips on conifer planting and care as well as the best container varieties and more were discussed in this event. During the Q&A session a few great questions were asked about snow on conifers, treating the trees for pest […] Continue reading →

Seed Planning for Garden Season 2015 #gardenchat Recap

Seeds_gardenchat14 Getting ready for #gardenchat. Love seeds! @gardenchat. Here's me stealing some from a planter in Vail. tee hee! — Laura Flanders (@RootedHope) November 18, 2014 Hey there #gardenchat! Ready for a #party! #selfie — The Seed Keeper Co. (@SeedKeeperCo) November 18, 2014 We hope tonight's tweets will keep you warm… are you effected […] Continue reading →