Shade Garden Evolution by Roots&Shoots

acdeec20aa0ffd89109c248067b6bc82 Shade garden evolution. In the beginning it was all blues….. Continue reading →

Here’s What Gardeners Say About : Winter Garden Prep : Mulching, Raking and More

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Debut of Garden Chatter Google Hang-Out Event

Untitled-1 Topic: Garden Blogging Ideas for the Winter Months Tuesday Oct 21,2014 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM Hangouts with Garden Chatter What are you up to as the garden winds down and the days grow short? Join Adam Cortell ,Bren Haas and Dave Ledoux  as we discuss winter garden tasks and and possible garden blogging topics. […] Continue reading →

Winter Garden Prep : Mulching, Raking and More

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Friday Flower Flaunt on #gardenchat

Fullscreen capture 10162014 101409 PM From Twitter RT @joewaters: My fall window box! #gardenchat #boston < Thanks for sharing! — #gardenchat (@TheGardenChat) October 15, 2014 From Instagram Couldn’t just pick one … From Google+ From Facebook Share your garden with us by adding #gardenchat to your social media shares! Happy Gardening – @TheGardenChat Like this:Like Loading… Continue reading →

Here’s What Gardeners Say About ‘Cool Season Gardening’

Fullscreen capture 10162014 103322 PM Tonights topic will get you in the garden .. YES .. even in Autumn! #gardenchat 9 p.m. ET — #gardenchat (@TheGardenChat) October 14, 2014 New To #gardenchat This Week Looking forward to talking cool season gardening on #gardenchat tonight. Here’s half of my fall/winter veggies. — Cathy Rehmeyer (@Ma_Hubbard) October 13, 2014   @chic_gardening  @Kasexton and […] Continue reading →