#SuperSowSunday : Keeping It Simple and Growing From Seed

SuperSowSunday15BG   Join in the conversation during the time listed above and you may be one of the lucky participant to receive the following : 25 qualifying participants will receive one liter bags of Slug Gone  Slug Gone is pelleted wool that is used as a slug and snail barrier, weed mat, moisture mulch and thermal […] Continue reading →

Mommy Blogger at Five Little Homesteaders… Do You Sow Seeds?

Preparing-Seed-Potatoes-for-Planting- Homesteading and seed sowing go hand in hand so we reached out to Colleen Anderson of LilHomesteader.com to see how she was growing this time of year.  Be sure to check out this teacher turned stay-at-home mom turned urban homesteader shares daily on Twitter at @LilHomesteader . Here are some great links filled with seed […] Continue reading →

Daniel Gasteigner … Pick a Favorite to Sow

Portrait300sq We are  enjoying the shares on seed sowing as we head into the weekend to celebrate the annual #supersowSunday. To help promote the seed / garden industry I’ve been asking a few garden enthusiast what their favorite seeds to sow are. I asked Daniel Gasteigner – @CitySlipper on Twitter  what his favorite seed to sow […] Continue reading →

Why Sow Seeds

DSC_9929 It’s a fact that starting your garden from seed can save money.  Did you know that when you sow seeds there is a larger variety of vegetables, annuals and perennials that you will not find as starter plants in a garden center? Why Not Grow Seeds? We asked the #gardenchat Community on Facebook and Twitter […] Continue reading →

Google Hang-Out for Gardeners with Shawna Coronado on #gardenchat

Google Speech 1 This Monday we welcome Shawna Coronado as our guest host on #gardenchat. Shawna is the growing green guru who is also an expert at sharing on social media. One of her favorite platforms to share gardening on is the popular Google+ . During the 1 hour of #gardenchat Shawna Coronado will share with us tips, […] Continue reading →

Garden Wildlife in Winter and Prepping for Spring

Fullscreen capture 1132014 45413 PM Join us Monday – January 20,2014 when we welcome David Mizejewski as our #gardenchat Guest Host.   Your garden might not be overflowing with flowers and butterflies in January, but winter offers some unique opportunities to enjoy the animals that are around. It’s also the perfect time to start planning your spring garden. We’ll chat […] Continue reading →